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Poster Garcia

Ficha Técnica

Gullane / Xstream Pictures

Diretor: Yu Likwai

Roteiro: Yu Likwai, Fernando Bonassi

Fotografia: Lai Yiu Fai

Desenho de luz: Wong Chi Ming

Montagem: Wenders Li e André Finotti

Elenco:Odagiri Joe, Anthony Wong,
Huang Yi, Tainá Müller, Jeff Chen as Mr. Taiwan, Phellipe Haagensen, Antônio Petrin, Milhem Cortaz, Alexandre Borges,
Cláudio Jaborandy.

Yu Likwai

O diretor Yu Likwai


Ambientado no tradicional bairro da Liberdade no centro de São Paulo, Plastic City tem como protagonista a imensa comunidade oriental que se estabeleceu na cidade ao longos dos anos, buscando uma terra de oportunidades e um novo lugar para negócios – legais ou ilegais.

É em meio a tradições culturais chinesas e ao caos da vida urbana que o imigrante Yuda e seu filho Kirin comandam a máfia da pirataria no Brasil, porém este império entra em decadência ao ser ameaçado por uma poderosa organização com fortes influências internacionais.

Odagiri Joe e Huang Yi


Liberdade, Sao Paulo – a multi-ethnic neighborhood with the largest Japanese immigrant community in the world. Here, traditional Japanese architecture clashes with the gritty urban landscapes, while people of all races come here to do business – legal or illegal. This is where the story of PLASTIC CITY begins…

Yuda, a feared Chinese outlaw, and his adopted son Kirin, an impulsive young dreamer, together rule the pirated goods racket in the ultra-liberal Brazilian metropolis. The magnate and his heir control all of Liberdade, from rival gangs to street hawkers, corrupt politicians to erotic dancers. But an empire that takes years to build can also crumble to the ground with one fatal mistake…

A conspiracy between politicians and the mafia begins to threaten Yuda's power. Little by little, he loses control of his business and is ultimately arrested. Kirin struggles to re-conquer his father's honor, fighting this city's wars single-handedly. But Yuda, tired of the bloodshed and feeling the weight of his years, abandons his son, falsifies his own death and returns to the jungle in a last attempt to put an end to his criminal life.

Escaping from a complex maze of violence, Kirin sets out to find his father. In the mysterious jungle, father and son both have to wipe the slate of their past clean. Only in the end will Kirin discover the ultimate answer to the search for his own destiny.


65 Venezia

Festival de Veneza 2008

Toronto Film Festival 2008

Mostra Internacional de São Paulo 2009